airva Pro AirGuard

World's first car fragrance with cleaning properties.
A collaboration between AIRLEO and Speco

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simply plug and play

automated active car cleaning

directly eliminates odour, harmful bacteria and bacteria resistance.

safe for you and the environment

researched and formulated with natural and eco-friendly ingredients.

specially curated scents

crafted with your needs in mind, to perfectly align with every preference.

airva Pro AirGuard

dispersion iris

generating ultra-fine mist for enhanced aerial defence

easy change refill capsule

seamless transition between each refill capsule for a fragrant driving experience. Each capsule lasts 120 days*

detachable air vent clip

safeguard your personal
space wherever you go

vibration detection

built-in sensor to optimise battery usage with automated rest mode after 3 hours of inactivity

one touch activation

automated dispersion at optimal intervals for maximum protection

how probiotics works


good bacteria produce enzymes


enzymes break up waste into smaller particles


bacteria then digest the small waste particles

solution case test

spray once daily without scrubbing

before spray

after 2 weeks


all-natural formulated scents

artisanally blended, catering to every needs


uplift your mood with refreshing bergamot and soothing woodiness


awaken your senses with a lively blend of green tea and delicate blossoms


immerse yourself in a joyous serenity with an embrace of floral notes

stay protected with airva


airva refill

(26 ml)

traditional disinfectant

(2.2 ml)




lasting scent

kills virus and bacteria

active protection

eliminate mould

eliminate odour

safe for you and the environment

frequently asked

airva Pro AirGuard

protects you and your loved ones

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