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Mobile air cooling system

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Stop cooling everything else in the room when the only person to cool is you.


With AIRLEO, you have an instant cooling zone around you with clean, cold fresh air.


There’s no installation, hoses or exhaust vent to connect. Simply plug and enjoy instant chill.


No more sweating about the heat, your carbon footprint and the bills.


12 months for parts

60 months for compressor

Warranty TypeManufacturer warranty
  • Mobile App remote control
  • LED display on/off toggle
  • UVC Air sanitiser
  • Speed control
  • Timer
  • Ambient night light
  • Built-in wheels
  • Detachable tank
  • Android and iOS mobile app
  • Twin USB fast charging ports
Product Dimension:

Width: 330 mm

Depth: 410 mm

Height: 710 mm

Weight: 18 kg

Power Source:220-240V / 50Hz
Input Voltage (V)240V
Power Consumption200W
Safety MarkYes
Country of OriginSingapore

AIRLEO has a snap-on filter on each side which can be removed for cleaning. 


These snap-on filters are the only components that can be removed. 


They can be cleaned every 2 weeks (in a dusty environment) to 2 months (for a less dusty environment).


Simply unlatch the filters, rinse them under running water, and let them air dry. 


DO NOT forcefully remove blower or exhaust grill.

Product Overview

✅ No installation, hose or hot air exhaust vent - simply plug and enjoy

🍃 Your personal cooling zone with clean, cold fresh air, but not the bills.

⚡️ Reduce 80%* of your electricity consumption on cooling comfort

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    How It Works

    • Free Delivery

      Super fast, free delivery within 1-2 working days for all orders in Singapore.

    • GWP Rating 4 Refrigerant

      Climate friendly way to cool air without warming up the planet.

    • High Energy Savings

      Runs at 0.2 kWH which is up to 80% reduction from aircon consumption.

    • Product of Singapore

      Proudly designed and patented in Singapore.

    • WFH or Studying

      AIRLEO cools down your ambiance so you can focus on your work or study.

    • At The Patio

      When friends and family are gathering for a BBQ, AIRLEO is there to keep them cool.

    • Better Naps

      AIRLEO is quiet enough for infants to sleep with, while the windows and doors are open for ventilation.

    Plug and Enjoy
    No installation or ugly exhaust vents

    • Ambient Night Light

      Wind down for the night by getting into the mood so you can calm your body and your mind.

    • App Control

      Change airflow speed right from your phone. You won’t even have to get up from the sofa!

    • USB Charging Ports

      Twin USB fast charging ports for devices so you can use your phone for hours in comfort

    • Proprietary Iris Wheel Vent Design

      Low-Temperature Evolutionary Ozone (LEO) that does not require hot air exhaust vents to produce cool air.

    • Over 10 Years of R&D

      We collaborated with engineering consultants and institutions worldwide to produce the sleekest looking air cooler with the best performance.

    • Medical-Grade UVC LED Module

      Capable of killing pathogens, bacteria and viruses to keep your family safe all day, all night, all year round.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is AIRLEO a portable aircon?

    No, AIRLEO is 100% not an aircon but a dedicated mobile cooling device that gives you aircon-like cold air. 

    The most common comparison would be against a portable aircon and since many have asked, let’s do a simple comparison on 3 key points.

    1. Power consumption and yearly cooling bill
      While most portable aircons are using the market standard refrigerant, AIRLEO is using a new and more expensive refrigerant which is high in energy efficiency and very environmentally friendly.
    2. Installation and exhaust temperature
      Typically, a portable aircon will need an exhaust hose to be installed to disperse the warm air out of the house as the exhaust temperature is usually above 48 °C. Thus, it needs to be placed by a window or door.
      AIRLEO, on the other hand, needs no exhaust hose at all as the exhaust temperature is near to the ambient temperature.
    3. Noise Level
      The decibel (dB) is a logarithmic unit used to measure sound level and is widely used in electronics, signals and communication.
      Typically from a portable aircon, the noise level ranges from 50 to 70 dB, depending on the BTU.
      In comparison, AIRLEO’s noise level goes below 50 dB, which is near or lower than the level of moderate rainfall.
      Do note that the noise level could be affected by the environment the unit is being deployed at.

    Can AIRLEO replace aircon? 

    AIRLEO is not a replacement for aircon. It does not cool a room, walls and furniture like an aircon does.

    How does AIRLEO work like an aircon when it is not an aircon?

    AIRLEO uses a patented cold air solution technology after 10 years of research. This technology requires no installation and has a low Global Warming Potential (GWP) index of 4 vs the current near 2000 solution in the market.

    How is AIRLEO cheaper to operate than aircon?

    AIRLEO is designed with low GWP and energy efficiency in mind. It uses 230W instead of 1500 – 2400W by air conditioners. The final product translates to lower energy consumption for consumers. Even with multiple AIRLEO units running, the savings in electrical bills will still be substantial compared to air conditioners.

    How is AIRLEO different from fans? 

    Fans circulate air without changing the temperature of a room, or around a person. AIRLEO uses a proprietary system with its internal blades to create a 3D sphere around the user. It has the cooling effect that fans don’t have.

    Do I need to add water to AIRLEO? 

    No water is needed for AIRLEO to work but there is a water tank for those who wish to get to their desired temperature.

    Is AIRLEO a Singapore product?

    Yes, AIRLEO is 100% designed and patented by a Singapore company!