Airleo - Impossible Made Possible; where did the heat go?

You see, the reason why air-conditioner units required installation was due to the hot air that is produced when heat is disappointed during the cooling process. Heat doesn’t just disappear, you see, it has to go somewhere.


We basically created an impossible problem for ourselves. How can we cool a small space without creating significantly heated exhaust? How can we make heat disappear? 

Everywhere and everyone we consulted told us that it was impossible. From university professors to large manufacturers, no one thought that it could be done. Heat doesn’t disappear, it gets transferred. It has to go somewhere they said to us. 

We poured countless man hours over the last 10 years in our attempt to make heat disappear.  

The result was a breakthrough process that was patented in over 40 countries and counting. Referred to as Low-Temperature Evolutionary Ozone (LEO), this innovation folded air in such a manner that minimal heat is generated. 

Yes, we actually found a way! 

This process allowed for a prototype that could create air-con-like flow with a heat dissipation that did not stress the primary cooling function. This means that no installation or extended ventilation solution was required, and maximum mobility could be achieved. We could push it around and even have it follow us wherever we go!  

The prototype was perfected into our first flagship product, Airleo. 

Airleos could create air-con-like air flow with comfortable heat exhaust while requiring very little energy. 

Now, instead of using up a large amount of energy to cool an entire sealed off space, with Airleo, specific zones can be cooled at a very low energy consumption rate. Our 10 years of research & development paid off, we pushed the boundaries and discovered the greenest way to enjoy cool air. 

Now, not only did we make heat disappear, we found a way to do it at a tiny fraction of energy compared with what a full air-con system would require.   

Truly the impossible, made possible.