• Reduce up to 80% of aircon bills.

  • Enjoy ‘aircon-like’ cool air even with the windows open.

  • Green rating of GWP 4 using only the energy you need.

  • No installation, pipes or exhaust. Just one socket.

  • Patented Cooling

    AIRLEO’s unique internal blades create 3-D air flow using a targeted point-and-shoot system. This spherical bubble keeps you cool all around.

  • Super Green

    Environmentally friendly with low GWP (Global Warming Potential) to cool air without warming up the world. Ideal transition to a green and low-GWP lifestyle.

  • Lower Bills

    Highly energy efficient using at least 80% less energy compared to air conditioners. The more you use AIRLEO, the lower your cooling bills.

  • Plug and enjoy

    No installation, hose or hot air exhaust vent

  • UVC sanitisation

    Log reduction 1 UVC air sanitisation module

  • App control

    Wi-Fi 2.4G Android and iOS to control your AIRLEO remotely

  • Compact and portable

    Built-in wheels and handle to move around

  • Easy maintenance

    Snap-on filter covers to rinse off with water

  • USB charging ports

    Twin USB fast charging ports for devices

Frequently Asked Questions

Is AIRLEO a portable aircon?

No, AIRLEO is 100% not an aircon but a dedicated mobile cooling device that gives you aircon-like cold air. 

The most common comparison would be against a portable aircon and since many have asked, let’s do a simple comparison on 3 key points.

  1. Power consumption and yearly cooling bill
    While most portable aircons are using the market standard refrigerant, AIRLEO is using a new and more expensive refrigerant which is high in energy efficiency and very environmentally friendly.
  2. Installation and exhaust temperature
    Typically, a portable aircon will need an exhaust hose to be installed to disperse the warm air out of the house as the exhaust temperature is usually above 48 °C. Thus, it needs to be placed by a window or door.
    AIRLEO, on the other hand, needs no exhaust hose at all as the exhaust temperature is near to the ambient temperature.
  3. Noise Level
    The decibel (dB) is a logarithmic unit used to measure sound level and is widely used in electronics, signals and communication.
    Typically from a portable aircon, the noise level ranges from 50 to 70 dB, depending on the BTU.
    In comparison, AIRLEO’s noise level goes below 50 dB, which is near or lower than the level of moderate rainfall.
    Do note that the noise level could be affected by the environment the unit is being deployed at.

Can AIRLEO replace aircon? 

AIRLEO is not a replacement for aircon. It does not cool a room, walls and furniture like an aircon does.

How does AIRLEO work like an aircon when it is not an aircon?

AIRLEO uses a patented cold air solution technology after 10 years of research. This technology requires no installation and has a low Global Warming Potential (GWP) index of 4 vs the current near 2000 solution in the market.

How is AIRLEO cheaper to operate than aircon?

AIRLEO is designed with low GWP and energy efficiency in mind. It uses 230W instead of 1500 – 2400W by air conditioners. The final product translates to lower energy consumption for consumers. Even with multiple AIRLEO units running, the savings in electrical bills will still be substantial compared to air conditioners.

How is AIRLEO different from fans? 

Fans circulate air without changing the temperature of a room, or around a person. AIRLEO uses a proprietary system with its internal blades to create a 3D sphere around the user. It has the cooling effect that fans don’t have.

Do I need to add water to AIRLEO? 

No water is needed for AIRLEO to work but there is a water tank for those who wish to get to their desired temperature.

Is AIRLEO a Singapore product?

Yes, AIRLEO is 100% designed and patented by a Singapore company!