• General Enquires

    Q: What room size is AIRLEO able to cool?

    A: AIRLEO is a dedicated mobile cooling equipment that can be use indoor and outdoor to cool user directly and not a room. Imagine a fan blowing directly to you, but with refrigerated air. AIRLEO uses only 230W, instead of 1500 – 2000W by normal air-conditioners where much of these energy is wasted on cooling the wall, floors and furniture.


    Q: Why does the room feels hot after using AIRLEO?

    A: One reason could be that the room is small and the exhaust air accumulates or circulates back to the user. Another reason could be the user is acclimatized to the cool air, and when the user moves out of the cold air stream, he/she will feel that it is relatively warmer, even though there is no rise in the room temperature.


    Q: Do I need to fill in water for AIRLEO when using it?

    A: AIRLEO works fine without water but to have the best performance, you can add 2l of water to get the best temperature.


    Q: What is the noise level of AIRLEO?

    A: The noise level of AIRLEO is tested 48dB in a range of 1.5m in a lab environment. Use lower fan speed or switch off water splashing and you will find it much quieter and the cool air colder as well.


    Q: Can I control AIRLEO in distance?

    A: Definitely, with AIRLEO’s mobile App (In both Android and iOS system), you can remote control your AIRLEO once the machine is setup in your mobile phone/tablet.


    Q: How often should I clean the filter?

    A: You can clean the filters ranging from 2 weeks (in a dusty environment) to 2 months (less dusty environment) depending the machine working environment and period of usage.


    Q: Which part of AIRLEO can be remove?

    A: Please be advise only the snap-on filter & its cover can be remove, do not attempt to forcefully remove the blowers and exhaust grill.


    Q: If there is no pipe, where does the hot air goes?

    A: AIRLEO exhaust air is warm not hot, as the expel air is near to ambient temperature. The warm air rises to the ceiling and dissipates, absorbed by the room air volume. When using in small rooms, the placement of AIRLEO is important. It is advisable to place with the exhaust air facing an open window or door. For bigger spaces such as living room or balcony, placing it anywhere will work well, as long as the cool air is directed at the user.

  • Troubleshooting & Maintenance

    Q: The Water Pump button is blinking

    A: The machine has this blinks by default as it indicates there is not sufficient water to run the pump. It will lit up steadily once there is at least 900ml of water in the tank.


    Q: The row of white LED indicators are blinking & AIRLEO is not running

    A: This indicates that the Water Tank is full which you can empty the tank with the steps indicated in the user manual for the machine to run again.


    Q: Unable to connect AIRLEO with Wi-Fi

    A: Have the App installed on your mobile phone and link up to a 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi signal. Long press the Wi-Fi button for 3 secs and start the linking up process as per the operation manual.